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Ayano Ohmi


My clay totemic figures are the physical manifestation of an evolving process. It is both quest and immersion - to see and feel the earth. The forms invoke the ritual traditions of specific cultures and the climate and landscape of many continents. My artistic goal is to convey the transcendental powers of timeless wisdom and the intrinsic beauty of the natural world.


I draw inspiration from the rites and ceremonies of ancient cultures including my native Japan. When I travel, I intentionally spend time in the communities and become familiar with the environment. I learn about and interact with the native people; I hear their stories. I learn from the artists and craftspeople. I observe their skill and their soulful connection to nature. Their ways of incorporating the signs, symbols and landscape of their cultural experience, deeply influence my way of seeing, conceptualizing and art making.


Clay has been my primary medium for over twenty years. It informs my creative process as its kinetic and transformative properties carry on a dialogue - a give and take - with my fingers. It is an ancient material, combined with the complementary elements of water and fire. It is a grounding, a basic yet energetic and dynamic process. The materials of clay and earth are unique to each place. They incorporate and define themselves in sculpture in different ways.


These experiences help me learn the power of the five fundamental elements of Earth. They instill within me a sincere appreciation and respect that surely our ancestors had.                                                                                       


Ayano Ohmi

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